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Distributor of the finest Industrial lubricant specialties, maintenance products and a host of allied products & businesses; we have on offer the most powerful brands in the world. We represent the respective companies as their country distributor in India.
Take a moment to view our product-line. On the offer is an array of high quality synthetic industrial lubricants, food-grade lubricants, industrial maintenance products and corrosion protection products etc. Exceeding your expectations, our products are the technologies in vogue in the modern manufacturing industries.

High Temperature Chain Oils


Exposed to extreme conditions of high temperatures, washout by pre-treatment chemicals and a variety of other demanding conditions - Industrial conveyor chain lubricating oils must not just meet but exceed these performance requirements while also being compatible to the paint types being used.

Our chain oils are premium, non-carbonizing and ash-less lubricants. These don't form carbon, gum or sludge deposits & have low evaporation rate making them last longer. The oils have outstanding wetting and spreading properties.

When working under severe conditions of heat & run under mixed friction conditions, our chain oils reduce friction and wear. As a result, these help increase the life of the chains and are consumed lesser.


Integrated Technology offers a large range of performance chain oils which meet the highest performance standards and many of these are recommended by the major OEM's around the world. The products show an outstanding thermal stability against temperature, very low evaporation rates, lowest bleed and do not leave any residues.

These come from:


Setral Chemie GmbH, Germany

Ultrachem Inc., USA

CrossNet Products Pvt. Ltd.

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